Mental Health

This is an excerpt from the book Lead Yourself to Better Health by Dr. Terry Kibiloski

Your mind is the perfect computer.  It was programmed with survival instincts before you were born and has had continuous experiential and environmental programming since the day of your birth.  Using billions of nerve cells, it files away every perception, every sound, every taste, every smell, and every action you experience.  It monitors over four million pain-sensitive structures, 200,000 temperature detectors, and 5,000 touch detectors to take immediate action when your body is out of balance, in some state of dis-ease.

      Like your body, your mind also requires clean air, pure water, natural food, optimal exercise, and healing rest to provide the energy it needs to perform at its optimum.  In addition to the experiential and environmental programming, you need to provide positive programming for your mind, a healthy emotional state, a soaring spirit, and then become your own best friend.  You also need to understand the various types of programming: primitive, personal, unintentional, invasive, reprogramming, positive, and dynamic programming.  The next few chapters of this section will provide a short course in Mind Programming 101.

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