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By Angie Kibiloski

It seems like the price of everything, from groceries, to household items, to clothing, increases every time we go to the stores.  With everything we buy on a regular basis being so expensive, why not save money, and even earn money, any way you can?  I have a handful of mobile apps that I use almost every time I go shopping, which not only save me money at the register, but also give me money back later on, for doing just a few simple tasks.  Everybody loves saving a buck, so I’d like to share these apps with you, and get you in on the savings.  They aren’t new apps, but I’ve discovered a surprising number of people who’ve either never heard of them, or just never bother to use them, so I felt the need to highlight them all, despite them having been available for some time.  All of these apps are FREE to sign up, and always FREE to use.

Ibotta App LogoThe app I want to start you out with, and the one I’ve made the most money with, is Ibotta.  Basically, this app gives you a monetary rebate for items you purchase, by scanning in your receipts.  They have a huge collection of stores they partner with, like Ralph’sWalgreen’sTargetWhole FoodsLowes, and many, many more.  Under each store, there’s a long list of products, conveniently categorized, and a rebate offer for each.  Add them to your Offers list for that store, go buy those items, then take a photo of your receipt to upload it to the app.  You’ll earn whatever the offer amount was, once you have a receipt that matches.  For instance, you may want to add a $1 rebate offer for buying a pack of Keebler cookies, a $0.50 offer for buying a bottle of Vita Coco coconut water, and a $0.25 offer for buying Any Brand of milk.  Whether you purchase these items in one transaction, or 3 different transactions, as long as you upload your receipts before the offer expires, you’ll get that rebate credit.  They have so many products to choose from, with new ones being added all the time, that even if it’s only the Any Item, or Any Brand of Milk/Bread/Soda/etc., it’s rare that I go shopping and don’t have something to earn money back for buying.  Some of the offers are worth several dollars too, and will even allow you to essentially get an item for free after the rebate.  For added convenience, you’ll be able to add your favorite stores to your account, so they’ll be easy to find when you want to browse offers, and they’ll recommend offers to you based on what you’ve earned before.  You can also earn Bonuses every month, both by satisfying purchase requirements, or referring friends to join your Team.  You’ll have personal goals and team goals, and earn extra money if you reach them.

Ibotta App Home Screen   Ibotta App Offers List   Ibotta App Offer Details   Ibotta App Scanning Receipt

Save up your rebates and get your money back in the form of gift cards to the partner store of your choice.  I’ll be cashing out for a $100 Ralph’s gift card very soon.  It has taken me about 9 months to get that much saved up, but I’m only shopping for one person, and I typically only add offers for items I know I intend to buy anyway.  My friend, who introduced me to Ibotta, made that much in 3 months, because she has a family to shop for, and she uses this as a way to try new products at a discount.  However long it takes for you to rack up the savings, it’s FREE money, so why not do it?  You can even connect your shopper’s cards from stores like Ralph’s, or Albertson’s, but you can’t upload receipts if you do this.  I don’t always remember to add offers before I go shopping, and if you connect a card, this is the only way to earn, because the app gets your purchase history directly from your shopper’s card.  I prefer to have the ability to add offers after I know what I bought, and just scan the receipt.  It’s easy enough, and it gives me flexibility, and maximizes my earnings.    I really LOVE this app, and it’s so satisfying to see the rebate saving accumulate in my account.  I highly recommend checking this out, by downloading the app via these links for Android or iOS.  You’ll get a Welcome Bonus of $10 when you scan your 1st receipt, as a gift from Ibotta to get you started.

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