Clean air is essential

Clean air is extremely important for good health, since 65% of your body is comprised of oxygen, and nearly 90% of your body’s nutritional energy comes from oxygen.  Every cell in your body needs oxygen to create the energy and nutrients required for cell health.  Clean air contains about 21% oxygen by volume, which can only enter your human body through your lungs.

If your body is oxygen starved, death will occur in around 10 minutes.  Under normal conditions, without oxygen for 3 minutes, lasting brain damage can occur, resulting in total brain death after about 6 minutes.  As you can see, clean air is essential for a healthy life.

Many environments in which we live, work, and play have little clean air for us to breathe.  Many lifestyle choices limit the amount of clean air that is available to our bodies.  For example, smoking severely limits the capability of our lungs to process oxygen from the air that we breathe.  Smokers are, in a sense, suffocating every cell in their bodies, thus weakening their ability to perform properly and to contribute to a strong autoimmune system.  Thus, it is no wonder that smoking contributes to so many serious diseases.

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