Spiritual Health

This is an excerpt from the book Lead Yourself to Better Health by Dr. Terry Kibiloski

Many philosophers, and people of faith, have helped us understand that we are spirits having a human experience, not simply humans who have an occasional spiritual experience. Our spirit, as presented in this book, is the “real” you, your ethereal self, the part of you that is the commander of your bodily vehicle traveling through your life journey.  Your ethereal self is comprised of invisible energy.  We can measure this ethereal energy in all living things.  It is like your personal force field.  When your positive thoughts fill you with positive energy, your force field is high.  Negative thoughts, have the reverse effect, weakening your force field.

      Over the past centuries, many books have been written about our ethereal self.  You will find these books being repeated, under new titles, to help new generations understand the power of spiritual energy, and the laws of nature that affect, and are affected by, our spiritual energy.  Some connect this spiritual energy to a higher intelligence, using a variety of names, while others connect this spiritual energy to a vast ocean of energy that permeates the universe.  For the purpose of this book, it is only necessary to acknowledge that we are spirits having a human experience.

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