Lead Yourself to Better Health

\What is in this book

You MUST rely on yourself for better health. Nobody knows you better than you. But first, you need the knowledge to keep yourself healthy in key aspects of your life. You will find the basic knowledge you need in this book.

This book provides practical steps you can take to lead yourself to better health in 7 key aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and professional.  It differs from many self-help books by providing a total plan rather than focusing on a single aspect of life or health. This is extremely timely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is important to understand that each aspect of your life has a direct impact on all other aspects of your life.  If you only focus on one aspect, you may find that the neglected aspects of your life may get even worse.  Thus, it is extremely important to create balance in your life by leading yourself to better health using a balanced approach. This book also includes a section to guide you during the COVID-19 pandemic titled Before, During, and After COVID-19.

            As you begin to assess your health in each of the 7 key aspects of life, and determine your desired goals, this book will help you create the steps you need to reach your goals. On the last four pages of this book, you will find Goal Setting Worksheets, and Action Plan Worksheets, to help you establish specific goals and create action plans to lead yourself to better health.

            There is one thing missing in this book – YOU – your thoughts, your reflections, your ideas, and your contributions to how you will lead yourself to better health. Make this book a living document, your journal to achieving better health. Write in the margins and at the end of the chapters. Underline and highlight key areas that make sense in your life. Keep it with you to continually record improvements you wish to make in your life and how you intend to do so. Record in each of the sections your newly found knowledge as you research various aspects of your life and learn new things.

            While it is a good start to have a positive thought about how to change your life, many times thoughts are fleeting. So, write down your thoughts in this book. My students have learned that when you write something down, it solidifies thoughts into intentions, that trigger action, and soon your thoughts become your reality.

            If you already feel a bit overwhelmed, keep in mind that life is lived in the present momentEach step is a present moment.  While your journey ahead may seem long, relax, you will be leading yourself one step at a time to a better life and a better you. Soon, as you begin to make progress in the various aspects of your life, you will find your journey getting easier by the day.  Just as a snowball picks up momentum rolling down a hill, you will find that as you begin making positive changes in your life, your momentum of positivity will rapidly affect all aspects of your life.  Let your new adventure begin!


Each breath you take, each step you take, is a present moment.  Your living space is in the present momentYOU control each moment by the choices that you make.  When you truly live in the moment, your life can become an exciting adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

We cannot live in the future.  Our future is an illusion, because what we visualize seldom occurs as we expect.  External influencing forces, our internal intentions, and the choices that we make, are ever changing and can only direct our present, one moment at a time.

Your past is your history, which can provide valuable lessons to make each present moment the best it can be. Your past canvas of life has already been painted, dried, and framed.  It cannot be changed.  Don’t regret your past.  Be thankful for your past, because it made you the strong person you are today, giving you the desire to read this book, and to take positive steps to lead yourself to a better life.

            Each present moment provides an immediate living experience that becomes a lesson for the future.  If the moment is positive, you may desire to repeat the experience in the future.  If the moment is negative, you may wish to prevent the same experience from every happening again.

What images just came to mind for you, both positive and negative?  Would you like to repeat your positive experiences and never go through your negative experiences again?  You do have the power to do so, as you will learn in this book.

You are the artist of your own life, painting the canvas of your life one moment at a time.  Like an artist who decides on the brush, the color, the texture, and the stroke, one moment at a time, so too, you decide on your brush strokes to paint your life, one moment at a time.  Is it time to increase the positive brush strokes on your life’s canvas, creating a much more pleasing and harmonious life?  I suspect so since you are reading this book.

Taking the first step

One step at a time is all it will take to transform every aspect of your life into your desired reality.  You have taken the first step in each of the seven major aspects of your life by buying this book.  Your exciting journey of leading yourself to better health is now underway, beginning with a short description of leadership.

     To lead yourself, you must be a leader.  Three traditional styles of leadership are transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire.  Transformational leaders inspire followers to create a new reality.  Transactional leaders give rewards for performance.  Laissez-faire leaders let their followers follow their own path to achieve their maximum potential, in whatever manner that works best for them.

      Throughout your exciting journey to lead yourself to better health, you will find yourself using all three of these leadership styles.  You will inspire yourself to create the reality of your dreams.  You will give yourself rewards to celebrate your achievements.  And you will let yourself follow your own path to discover what works best for you to reach your maximum potential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially, and professionally.  By leading yourself one step at a time, you will transform yourself in these seven key aspects of life to create a better human experience.

      As a new effective leader in your own life, you will find that others will notice the positive changes you are making and will begin asking for your advice. Lead them gently. I suggest you encourage them to read this book or, better yet, gift them a copy of this book. It is important that each person follows their own path towards better health. While we are similar in many ways, we all have our own unique life experiences from which we draw upon to make decisions in each present moment. Also, we are motivated by different things and, according to personality tests like Myers-Briggs, we have different tendencies and preferences. Some focus their attention as extraverts, while others as introverts. Some take in information by sensing, while others are intuitive. Some make decisions by thinking while others do so by feeling. Some deal with the world by judging, while others do so through perceiving.   

      A truly healthy and prosperous life is not some quick fix you get from a late-night infomercial, or from the latest fad, or even from a book.  As you read this book, you will soon develop the tools you need to create a new lifestyle that provides a healthy balance in all aspects of your life, and you will learn that your journey is just that, YOUR journey. It will be unique to you, based upon your past experiences, your current situation, and your desires and goals for the future. This book is a guide, not a map. It provides you with the knowledge you need to develop your own skills to create your own map to lead yourself to better health.

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